Barbie Dolls in Wedding Gown

Girls are fascinated in collecting barbie Dolls. Girls love to play with the exquisite little Barbie Clothes and the fun accessories. Today, I’m going to feature to you this magnificent Barbie Dolls in wedding Gown. You can add this as your collection or Christmas gift to your little sister or friend.

  This Barbie Doll in wedding gown is inspired by the luxe designs and rich details on Milan’s runway. The gorgeous white wedding dress has bell-shapes skirt decorated with silvery filigree and sequins. barbie-doll-in-wedding-gown Completed her looks is a shirt white veil in her brunette locks with a “silver and diamond” tiara. The stunning look of Barbie makes you want to keep and add as your collection.

    barbie-doll-in-wedding-gown-collection-for-christmas barbie-doll-in-wedding-gown-collection  


If you are fascinated to Barbie collection you can also add the Barbie wedding set.  You can add Ken, flower girls with cake and flowers.

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