Best Christmas Gift Toys for 0-1 years old

Finding the right Christmas gift toys for babies is so easy. Either you will shop online or buy online. Toys should be educational, fun and they can enjoy. Be sure not to buy small toys, it could choke you babies. Here are the best Christmas gift for babies:

Toys for babies of one to six months:

At the age of 0-3 months, babies are not that very active.  Sleeping is mostly his activities. He is not interested in anything except in eating and crying.  At the age of four months, the baby will start grabbing or maybe crawling. You can now introduce toys at this age. Some toys I recommend are: toys made from rubber, musical toys, juggling toys.

Toys for babies of  six months to 1 year old:


At this age, you baby can discover the cause and effect, hand-eye coordination. For babies between 6-12 months the best toys are: stuffed toys for cuddling, push/pull toys, musical and sound-making toys, toys that could encourage creeping and crawling.

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