Doctor Barbie Doll and Playset

Barbie Doll and Playset: Having this set as a child makes your dream come true. Kids could play dentist, doctor or pediatrician. She can explore the world of healthcare with these barbie career playset. These sets include tools and accessories. It will enhance their imagination and their future want to be.

Barbie Careers Eye Doctor Playset


Girl will love to play this. She could imagine that she is a Barbie and she’s an eye doctor. The Barbie eye doctor playset features special pink chair. It’s designed to keep her snug for the eye exam. It has also signature style with silvery and blue accents and a swinging arm. Barbie eye doctor wear a floral and fashionable floral dress with a pink sneakers. The Barbie doll has prescribes glasses, doctor’s coat, black hels. You baby girl will surely love the world of optometry.Barbie doll wearing career fashion and eyeglasses, toddler patient doll wearing fashion, vision chair/station, eye chart, vision tool and four pairs of toddler glasses.


Barbie Careers Pediatrician Playset


Barbie Careers Pediatrician Playset: Includes examination table and a toddler patient. Imagine your baby girls playing as Pedia will ease her fear to face her pedia/doctors. Doctor Barbie Doll has accessories like laptop, an eye and ear tool and stethoscope. It has also scrubs like a real pedia doctor, matching shoes and a white physician’s coat.



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