Lets visit Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Every little girl would like to buy or receive a Christmas gift like Barbie Doll House. Doll houses have been around 30 years and in fact it’s one of the favorite play sets amongst the entire Barbie toys lover.

Little girl love playing with dolls and Barbie. Barbie doll house gives girls a chance to play with their imagination and develop it further which help them in the future. Playing this kind of activities is way better than exposing your children to televisions and gadgets. Buying a Barbie doll house seems challenging to you,  you can spend time doing research on it before you decide to spend your money.


Lets get start visiting one of the Barbie’s Dream House

Dining Room

Enter to Barbie’s elegant and luxury dining room with pink table and chair. Join Barbie to eat breakfast and dinner with your playmate. Love her glamorous pink cylinder and table.


The Kitchen

It feel so good to help Barbie washing her dishes. Love her pink oven and cabinet. I like how organize the Barbie’s house.



Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse


  • The Barbie Dream Townhouse is the ultimate luxury home, and now its newly renovated
  • New renovations include fab pink columns with glamorous photo-real wallpaper design
  • Three fabulous stories include dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, hot tub, and elevator
  • Features posh bedroom suite with attached balcony that includes a luxurious hot tub
  • Lights and sounds include doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, running shower water, and flushing toilet


Let’s Take a look at Barbie House 2nd floor

Forget your house and prepare to relax in Barbies House. Let’s start partying on the second floor with your playmate and Barbie.

Living Area

The interior is so nice! I like the pink fireplace and on the top is a pop-up flat-screen “TV” (great for parties and movie nights!) barbie-3-story-dream-townhouse-living-room  

Barbie-signature Bathroom

Luxury bathroom is waiting for Barbie, which features running shower water, and flushing toilet! Love everything about it. barbie-3-story-dream-townhouse-shower  



Barbie House 3rd Floor

Relax in the top-floor spa area with hot tub, and then enjoy the sweetest dreams in the fabulous master bedroom, where the canopy bed comes decorated with sheer pink curtains and a cozy printed pillow. barbie-3-story-dream-townhouse-bedroom


Barbie Furniture

Adding furniture could be more exciting! If you want to change or customize Barbie Dreamhouse interior, you can buy it. Here are the cutest and luxury furniture you can choose from:

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